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Q: My son is a highschool athlete who makes use of a pump and CGM (steady glucose monitor). We don’t have any blood sugar issues when he works out earlier than faculty, however he retains dropping low throughout his afternoon practices. He removes his pump and has an enormous snack proper beforehand however nonetheless drops 100 to 150 mg/dl. It’s driving us each nuts! Do you could have any suggestions for stopping low blood sugar throughout sports activities?

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A: I see this rather a lot. Early-morning train tends to trigger much less of a blood sugar drop than the identical exercises carried out later within the day. Exercising one to 3 hours after a meal resembling lunch could be a actual problem as a result of the bolus insulin nonetheless packs a fairly important punch. But don’t hand over. Here are some methods that ought to assist:

1. Try lowering the bolus given at lunch (so that there’s much less insulin working in the course of the afternoon exercise), and select lunch meals which can be gradual to digest, resembling dairy merchandise, high-fiber meals, legumes, recent greens, entire fruits and wholesome fat. Slowly digesting meals are good for stopping a pointy blood sugar spike after lunch and will present a gentle supply of glucose in the course of the exercise.

2. Take rapid-acting carbs (in liquid type if potential) with no bolus 15 to 30 minutes BEFORE the exercise. Food consumed proper earlier than exercising could sit within the abdomen and never digest till the exercise is over.

three. Consider setting a short lived basal charge discount on the pump. Ideally, cut back the basal by 60% to 80% for a few hours, beginning 90 minutes earlier than the exercise. That approach, there will probably be much less basal insulin working in the course of the train session.

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