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Before Getting Started

I used to be speaking to certainly one of my shoppers not too long ago in regards to the significance of getting blood sugar ranges below management.

So earlier than sharing the diabetes blood sugar ranges chart, I wish to OVER EMPHASIZE the significance of you gaining the perfect management of your blood sugar ranges as you presumably can. Just taking treatment and doing nothing else is admittedly not sufficient.

You see, I simply don’t suppose many individuals are absolutely knowledgeable about why it’s so essential to do, as a result of if you have already got a diabetes analysis then you’re already at excessive danger for coronary heart illness and different vascular issues.

Maybe you’ve been higher knowledgeable by your physician however many individuals I come throughout haven’t. So if that’s you, it’s essential to know that in your pre-diabetic interval, there’s quite a lot of harm that’s already performed to the vascular system. This happens as a result of higher-than-normal blood sugar, that’s what causes the harm.

So now that you’ve got kind 2 diabetes, you wish to forestall any of the nasty problems by gaining good management over your ranges.

Truly, ask anybody having to stay with diabetes problems and so they’ll inform you it’s the pits!

You DO NOT need it to occur to you in the event you can keep away from it.

While drugs could also be wanted, simply taking treatment alone and doing nothing is admittedly not sufficient!

Why is it not sufficient even when your blood sugars appear fairly below management?

Well, one frequent analysis statement in folks with diabetes, is there’s a gradual and declining development of blood sugar management and signs. Meaning, over time your skill to manage sugars and preserve wholesome will get tougher. If you’re taking treatment you’ll seemingly should take increasingly more.

BUT, in the event you empower your self with the proper vitamin and way of life and put scientifically confirmed methods into observe, then you may get rid of or reduce drugs, and stop this gradual decline. In many instances, individuals are even placing their diabetes into full remission – that means their physique is functioning as regular – it’s attainable, in lots of.

Leisa lowered blood sugar from 300s to regular in simply 30 days.

Let us present you the way >>

“Not only are my readings now within normal range, I’m also down over 20 pounds and feeling so much better. Thank you.”


Now that you just perceive simply how essential that is, let’s get all the way down to blood sugar numbers and goal ranges. And on the backside of this web page, you may obtain printable blood sugar ranges charts and every day logs.

Blood Sugar/Blood Glucose = Same/Same

You would possibly see some charts or learn some articles that say ‘blood sugar chart’ and others that say ‘blood glucose levels chart.’

Just in case you’re confused these each imply the identical factor. The phrases ‘sugar’ and ‘glucose’ are sometimes used interchangeably.

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

I’ll give these numbers to you in a written, chart, and visible format as a result of it’ll make sense to you relying the way you learn it.

Depending the place you reside on the planet, numbers can differ barely. And your numbers will both be mg/dl or mmol/l. You’ll discover the numbers for each of those readings beneath.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Fasting glucose – 70-99 mg/dl or Four-6 mmol/l (Note: there’s some debate in regards to the regular vary in mmol/l, starting from 5.5 to six mmol/l)

2 hours put up meal glucose – Less than 140 mg/dl or lower than 7.Eight mmol/l

Pre-diabetes – additionally referred to as impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance

Fasting glucose – 100-125 mg/dl or 6.1-6.9 mmol/l

2 hours put up meal glucose stage – 140-199 mg/ dl or 7.Eight-11 mmol/l


Fasting glucose – More than 126 mg/dl or greater than 7.Zero mmol/l

2 hours glucose stage – More than 200 mg/dl or greater than 11.1 mmol/l

Blood Sugar Levels Chart

The above chart and the one beneath are precisely the identical, in several codecs.

Category Fasting worth Post prandial / aka put up meal
  Minimum Maximum 2 hours after meal
Normal 70 mg/dl 99 mg/dl Less than 140 mg/dl
  Four mmol/l 6 mmol/l Less than 7.Eight mmol/l
Pre-diabetes 100 mg/dl 125 mg/dl 140-199 mg/dl
  6.1 mmol/l 6.9 mmol/l 7.Eight-11 mmol/l
Diabetes More than 126 mg/dl   More than 200
  More than 7 mmol/l   More than 11.1 mmol/l

These are the diagnostic ranges. As you may see, the “normal” vary for fasting glucose is below 100 mg/dl or 6 mmol/l. Though simply to notice, there’s some debate in regards to the regular vary in mmol/l, starting from 5.5 to six mmol/l. So relying what chart you take a look at, you may even see both of these numbers.

After a meal, the utmost studying you ideally wish to see is 140 or 7.Eight.

If you’re getting readings above this, you’ll be recognized with prediabetes or kind 2 diabetes, as proven within the charts above.

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Diabetes Blood Sugar Level Goals

Upon waking earlier than breakfast (Fasting)

  • 70-130 (Ideal below 110) mg/dl
  • Four-7.2 (Ideal below below 6.1) mmol/l

Two hours after meals

  • Under 180 (Ideal is below 140) mg/dl
  • Under 10 (Ideal is below 7.Eight) mmol/l


  • 90-150 mg/dl
  • 5-Eight.three mmol/l

The above ranges, for folks recognized with kind 2 diabetes, are the overall targets set by the American  Diabetes Association and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. 

As recommended earlier, there’s some variation within the blood sugar ranges targets set by totally different organizations. And moreover, your doctor or healthcare workforce might set your targets at a extra stringent stage.

For occasion, fasting ranges:

  • Between 70-100 mg/dL or Four-5.6 mmol/l (optimum)
  • 70-110 mg/dL or Four-6 mmol/l (nonetheless good management)
  • 70-130 mg/dL or Four-7.2 mmol/l (extra liberal, however sensible for a lot of)

Once you will have a sort 2 diabetes analysis, the general targets you must intention for is to get your blood sugar ranges as near “normal” “optimal” ranges as you presumably can.

BUT, as recommended above, typically targets are set with increased targets initially. For occasion, if in case you have a excessive studying of 250 or 300 (13 or 17), your doctor or well being practitioner might advocate 200 (11.1) be an preliminary objective, then 180 (10), earlier than step by step working towards 140 (7.Eight) and decrease.

The cause that is typically really useful is you may expertise signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in the event you convey your ranges down in a short time. So working towards tighter and tighter management does take a while.

You ought to work together with your healthcare workforce on this. But total probably the most optimum targets to work towards are a fasting glucose below 100 mg/dl or 6 mmol/l. And an after-meal studying beneath 140 or 7.Eight.

The Visual Version 

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Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels Chart

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Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Sugar Levels

What is the distinction between blood sugar and A1c?

Blood sugar is a every day studying whereas A1c is a blood check that measures your common blood sugar from the earlier three month interval.

You can learn extra in regards to the distinction between the 2 over right here.

Will weight reduction assist with my diabetes administration?

Yes, by default weight reduction helps as a result of it reduces irritation in your physique and improves total metabolic operate. However, weight reduction alone gained’t decrease blood sugar ranges. You typically should make a number of food regimen and way of life adjustments to convey your ranges inside regular vary.

I’ve been prescribed Metformin, will that assist with my blood glucose ranges?

Yes, Metformin is without doubt one of the mostly prescribed diabetes drugs worldwide. It belongs to a category of medicines often called “Biguanides,” which decrease blood glucose by reducing the quantity of sugar put out by the liver. And it is without doubt one of the drugs that doesn’t improve weight acquire.

We have detailed details about Metformin right here.

Why does excessive blood sugar trigger problems like neuropathy?

The physique is designed to have a blood sugar stage inside a sure vary, with a most of 140 (7.Eight) after meals. Levels above regular for prolonged durations promote irritation within the blood vessels all through the physique, together with harm to cells – just because the physique isn’t designed to function with ranges above regular.

Diabetic neuropathy is harm to the nerve vessels ensuing from chronically excessive blood sugar – that means long-term, not a couple of excessive readings every now and then. Other kinds of diabetes problems (nephropathy, retinopathy, and so forth) are additionally brought on by the identical components.

What kind of food regimen helps to decrease blood sugar ranges?

Scientific analysis signifies that a low carb food regimen is a superb dietary sample for bettering blood sugar, A1c, weight, ldl cholesterol and different components.

Carbohydrates are the principle nutrient that influences your blood sugar ranges. The kind is essential, however the quantity has the best impression on each every day blood glucose and A1c measurements.

Read this information on beginning your food regimen plan. You’ll additionally discover these 15 carbohydrate questions and solutions helpful.

Is there a unique blood sugar ranges chart by age?

No. The human physique was designed to have blood sugar ranges inside a ‘normal’ vary, no matter your age. 

However, totally different blood sugar stage targets are set for every particular person individual, notably youngsters and the aged.

The diabetes group in my nation lists totally different ranges, why are these totally different?

It could make it complicated when totally different organizations record totally different values. And sadly, there isn’t a one acknowledged worth at this level, though there needs to be.

Here are the group listings for some elements of the globe:

American Diabetes Association 

List the traditional vary between 70-99 mg/dl (three.9-5.6 mmol/l).

They counsel blood glucose targets for folks with kind 2 diabetes are:

  • 80-130 mg/dl earlier than meals (Four.Four-7.2 mg/dl)
  • Less than 180 mg/dl after meals (10 mmol/l)

Diabetes Australia

List the traditional vary between Four.Zero-7.8mmol/l.

They counsel blood glucose targets for folks with kind 2 diabetes are:

  • 6-Eight mmol/l earlier than meals (108-144 mg/dl)
  • 6-10 mmol after meals / 108-180 mg/dl

Diabetes UK

List the traditional vary between Four-6 mmol/l (72-108 mg/dl) when fasting. And up to 7.Eight mmol/l (140 mg/dl) 2 hours after consuming.

They counsel blood glucose targets for folks with kind 2 diabetes are:

  • Four-7 mmol/l earlier than meals (72-126 mg/dl)
  • Under Eight.5 mmol/l after meals (153 mg/dl)

Diabetes Canada

Like Diabetes UK, they counsel blood glucose targets for folks with kind 2 diabetes are Four-7 mmol/l earlier than meals (72-126 mg/dl).

5-10 mmol/l after meals (90-180 mg/dl), or if A1c targets will not be being met, it needs to be lowered to 5-Eight mmol/l (90-144 mg/dl).

Hopefully we’ll see organizations worldwide record the identical glucose readings in future so there’s not such a confusion.

Can these charts be used as a pre diabetes blood sugar ranges chart?

Yes. The charts comprise the numbers for prediabetes as nicely. And you need to use the charts to trace your meals consumption and every day numbers, together with train or different notes you wish to embrace.

Is every day blood glucose monitoring really useful?

If you will have kind 2 diabetes or prediabetes, every day self-monitoring utilizing a blood glucose meter (which entails a easy finger-prick check), will be an effective way to know what is occurring in your physique so you may convey your ranges below management.

How typically ought to I take a blood sugar pattern?

There is huge variability on how typically to observe, relying on the state of your diabetes and remedy. But, most individuals monitor 1-2 occasions every day – fasting (very first thing within the morning) and a couple of hours after the most important meal. For your after-meal (postprandial) blood pattern, time out of your first chew of meals.

If you’re newly recognized or making an attempt to achieve higher management, it may be useful to observe extra incessantly so you may assess your progress and work on altering food regimen and way of life habits to assist your targets.

One factor that’s useful with mealtimes is “monitoring in pairs.” To monitor in pairs you verify your ranges earlier than, then 2 hours after a meal. It’s an effective way to get a sign of the impact of meals and the quantity of carbs you’re consuming. If you log your numbers and your every day meals consumption and way of life habits, you’ll quickly see patterns rising after which you can also make the mandatory changes to your dietary routine.

How to Monitor in Pairs for Better Blood Sugar Control

When you obtain our free blood sugar chart beneath, we’ll additionally present some blood sugar logs so you may report your blood sugar readings. NOTE: If you’re taking the 21 Day Lower Blood Sugar Challenge we’ve despatched you the obtain to your e-mail inbox.

YOUR TASK: 21 Day Lower Blood Sugar Challenge

  1. Re-evaluate your blood sugar targets – chances are you’ll already be throughout the wholesome vary, and that’s nice – sustain the good work so you may preserve them there! If you’re not, proceed to work towards making food regimen and way of life adjustments. You now perceive why it’s so essential to intention towards a wholesome vary – it protects your well being from nasty diabetic problems! And it makes you’re feeling higher total. So decide to you, attempt to observe the steering we’ve been offering to you thru the problem and proceed to take small steps ahead every day. 🙂

Commit to your self and apply what we share as a result of we all know what we share may help you get outcomes.

Well there you will have it. Hope you discover this data useful and in the event you do please pin it and share it round to assist others. Thanks!

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